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Personal change

Until lions have their historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter.

African Proverb

Your change process

If you are looking for an executive coach or a psychotherapist, you’d want you to know how we would collaborate. You’d want to make sure that you were ready for the process. You’d want to feel that you could make the changes you were looking for. One thing is certain - you would be encouraged to be free of pharmaceuticals, and to find your own inner resources, creativity and freedom.

The lion of change

You are the real lion of change, you will become the historian of your change process. You have the wisdom and courage to overcome the problems that concern you.

What We have Learned

Here is what the science of Psychology has learned about change:

  1. Change does not come from the doctor or therapist or method used; there are no miracle cures or gurus
  2. Change occurs when you use your inner resources and strengths and when you are supported by relationships that acknowledge your innate possibilities.
  3. Change happens when you create a personal plan for change that inspires you to action.
  4. There are very many therapies that work very well - CBT, ACT, MBCT, MBSR. There are too many good ones to list here.
  5. When you combine your personal resources and commitment with all that the helping professions have learned and offer you, success will surely follow.

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

Chinese Proverb

Change is inevitable

In reality, change is inevitable and it comes about through the mobilization of your abilities and strengths. Clinical research has concluded that the engine of change is you. Change is more about the person than about the treatment.

What doesn't work

Here is what we have learned doesn’t work:

Harness Your Strengths

Enable yourself or your organization to understand, realize and harness your strengths.